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2013 Best of Show (Pro Division) - Buttercream & Batter's Roasted Peach

2013 Best of Show (Pro Division) – Buttercream & Batter’s Roasted Peach

Thank you to all of the volunteers, bakers, and sponsors who sacrificed their time and resources to make this year’s event a success!  We raised a lot of money to send medical teams from LEAP to perform surgeries around the world for kids in need. Our professional photographer has posted some great memories here: Professional Pictures from the Event 

We’re learning more about cupcake partying each year and thankful to have your support.  If you would like information about next year’s event, sign up for updates here: Cupcakes for a Cause Dallas 2014 Updates


Of the 5,000 cupcakes that were baked, here is a list of the very best:

2013 Best of Show - Professional Division

sylvia wilson

Dallas Cake Club’s Sylvia Wilson’s Prize Winning Cupcake

1st Place – Roasted Peach Cake w/ Vanilla Bean Buttercream by Buttercream & Batter

2nd Place – Yellow Sponge, Almond Vanilla Buttercream, Graham “sand” Fondant Handmade Figures by Sylvia Wilson (Dallas Cake Club)

3rd Place – Apple Pie w/ Apple Filling by Sugar Ray’s Bake Shop

Honorable Mention – Chocolate Overload (Chocolate Cake w/ a fudge brownie, PBJ center & chocolate buttercream icing) by Unrefined Bakery


2013 Best Frosting - Professional Division

1st Place – Cookie Dough by Buttercream & Batter

2nd Place – White Cake filled w/ grape jelly topped with PB fluff by Trailercakes

3rd Place – Chocolate Overload by Unrefined Bakery


Unrefined Bakery's Prize-winning "Chocolate Overload"

Unrefined Bakery’s Prize-winning “Chocolate Overload”

2013 Best Cake - Professional Division

1st Place – Chocolate Overload by Unrefined Bakery

2nd Place – Roasted Corn Cupcake w/ Cream Cheese Gouda frosting & bacon by Kreme de la Cupcake

3rd Place – Cookie dough cupcake by Buttercream & Batter


2013 Most Artistic - Professional Division

1st Place – Chocolate Cupcake w/ Vanilla Buttercream decorated as an elephant by Central Market

2nd Place – Roasted Corn Cupcake with a cream cheese gouda frosting topped w/ bacon by Kreme de la Cupcake

3rd Place – Mocha Chip by Unrefined Bakery


2013 Best of Show - Amateur Division

1st Place – Hor-Churro by Leticia Martinez

2nd Place – Chocolate Cake w/ Chocolate Ganache & PB Frosting by Vanessa Smith

3rd Place – Banana Split (Banana cake filled w/ strawberries & pineapple) by Kellie Blankenship

Honorable Mention – Dreamsicle ( orange cake w/ swirled frosting) by Emily Beck


2013 Best Frosting - Amateur Division

1st Place – Red Hut Velvet by Cheryl Dumas

2nd Place – Dreamsicle by Lane Wells

3rd Place – Couldn’t read our own handwriting! Please email me.


2013 Best Cake - Amateur Division

1st Place – Dreamsicle by Lane Wells

2nd Place – Orange Creamsicle by Christy Bowers

3rd Place – Mayan Chocolate by Leticia Martinez


2013 Most Artistic - Amateur Division

1st Place – 3 Flavor Ice Cream Bubble Gum by Diego Ortiz

2nd Place – Dreamsicle by Emily Beck

3rd Place – Chocolate Minions by Meghan of Teal Seal


P.S. I was just told that we were featured in the Dallas Morning News today!

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